Our Story

Search for Quality

After years of learning the footwear industry was failing its consumers with low-quality, uncomfortable and expensive shoes, the name oobash came to mind. We had the idea to create high-quality leather shoes that would appeal to every generation with a passion for fashion and comfort. As designers we aspire to make an impact in the world of fashion by continuing to select the best raw materials and constructing original designs.

oobash is a private shoe company that designs and manufactures its own products. Our vision remains the same as oobash continues to grow; we believe in crafting long lasting footwear showcasing unique designs, while offering the best quality and honest pricing.


Our boxes are 100% recycled materials, easy to discard and completely environmentally friendly. Your shoes will look beautiful right out of the box, and for years to come.
                              oobash box

Durability, Quality, and Fashionable Comfort

At oobash we go an extra mile with you, from the first design to robust product testing. Either custom leather tanning, world-class rubber sole blends, or small things like longer-lasting eyelet rivets, every component for producing our footwear is carefully tested.
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Responsible Manufacturing

 We share a strong sense of commitment to the world around us and value the critical importance of the environmental and social impact of climate change affecting the planet and the world's poorest countries. At oobash we are actively looking for ways to improve our goods and operations driven to reduce our carbon footprint. While we are still a small business, we are taking extra steps towards development and research to make a positive impact.

Honest and Affordable Pricing

The only thing we’re more enthusiastic about than our products are the people who wear them. We believe in simple and timeless styles without the external branding, letting the materials and amazing craftsmanship shine. Every one of our products is entirely designed and inspired by the world around us and its needs. After all, buying shoes should be fun, not a hunt.
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A Fresh Outlook on Footwear for Both Men and Women

oobash was born from a passion to create well-designed, finely made leather products. We are meticulous, deliberate in our designs, and fanatical about what makes the cut. Since 2009 our factory has been producing leather goods for a number of private label brands and after seeing the continious growth of the industry, in 2019 we decided to debut our own. We are characterized for making footwear with access to the highest quality materials and best designers.
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Ethical Sourcing

Throughout our manufacturing and packaging procedures we carefully handpick the best materials available. Our products are carefully designed and thoroughly tested from leather to lace. The result, both, practical and trendy footwear. We are honored to make products you will enjoy and thrive to make a positive impact in the lives of everyone who buys them.
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